MBE & DBE Certifications E. Irigaray Lic. #7114

Rising above and beyond client expectations again and again



From site preparation to the energizing phase we will deliver the necessary dependable power you need. We are high voltage certified and widely experienced in delivering our commercial customers fully operable and reliable substations, UPS systems, generators, and transformers, always trademarked by our high quality work standards, without the high quality price tag. We also have the ability to provide your facility with immediate temporary power using one of our portable generators (400A, 800A).


Advanced telecommunications and data network services are common work for S. and J. Electrical Contractors, Inc. We have wired typical office buildings with standard configurations of data networking and we have installed and are responsible for some of the most critical, complex and confidential emergency communication systems in New Jersey. From fiber optics to radio frequency towers, whatever your business requirements, we will provide you with customized cabling that will serve your needs, while offering the ability to expand, upgrade and reconfigure your networking system depending on your future business demands.


We have cared for the protective needs of our customers for over two decades and are committed to providing dependable security systems. We have developed the necessary partnerships with cutting-edge technology firms specializing in manufacturing surveillance and intrusion detection systems. Our expertise varies widely to include CCTV systems, fixed cameras, PTZ cameras, computerized access control systems, alarms, security panels, and DVR systems. We promise to offer you security solutions that are reliable, innovative, and cost effective.


S. and J. Electrical Contractors, Inc. are experienced and proven restorers of historic lighting fixtures and structures. We have a broad experience of restoring both interior and exterior fixtures. Our primary focus in restoration projects is to maintain the historical accuracy and aesthetics of the structure while incorporating modern wiring and lighting methods. We can guarantee to bring new life to any old structure.


We have the authority and expertise to bring you state of the art fire protection systems that are compliant with NFPA standards. Whether its updating a system, installing a brand new system, integrating systems, addressable or non-addressable, Class A or Class B, standard or advanced technology, the installation of a reliable fire protection system is something that we devote our undivided attention and utmost care. Aside from installation, we are certified for inspection and testing. We recognize human safety as the priority of our work and promise to provide our customers with reliable fire alarm systems in which you can trust your life.


S. and J. Electrical Contractors, Inc. has the equipment and the certifications to thoroughly evaluate and provide detailed reports of your electrical systems. We realize the necessity for a fail-safe system and the inconveniences and potential dangers that unexpected outages can cause. We can help to improve the quality and reliability of our customers’ systems in order to prevent such unexpected outages and hazards. Our testing and inspection services are available to you so you can rest assure that your electrical system is in safe, dependable, and operable order.


S. and J. Electrical Contractors, Inc. employs some of the most experienced minds in the industry. Though we are experienced, our ideas stay fresh and modern and we remain attuned to cutting edge technologies and methodologies. Our knowledgeable team can present you with various options as we help to guide your project from inception to completion at a reasonable cost. Our engineers will determine what methods and materials are best to meet your budget and maximize your value. Our highly trained staff has over twenty years of design-build experience with a wide range of projects and we promise to deliver you a high quality system at maximum value.